Cannabis is Complicated

Note: This is NOT an appointment to get your cannabis card – if you want to get your cannabis card click HERE

Mindful Medicine has helped thousands of patients introduce cannabis as medicine. While many clinics are attempting to create disease specific protocols to increase efficiency, Mindful Medicine takes the more individualized approach. When the genetic variability of the plant and the genetic variability of the patient are both taken into account, there are infinite possibilites. Your Mindful Medicine Clinician will take the time to learn as much about how cannabis impacts your body before making any recomondations. Don’t settle for a standard protocol when you can get individualized recomondations! Although patients will generally have to trial a few products before finding the best one for them, this individualized approach will shorten the trial and error period, and help patients achieve symptom relief faster.

Although this consultation appointment can be used as a follow up from the Mindful Medicine appointment, you do not have to be an existing Mindful Medicine patient. If you recieved your card elsewhere, you can still utilize the Mindful consultation service to get personalized recomondations. If you live outside of the State of Illinois, Mindful Medicine can not give you any personal medical advice. However, you can still learn about cannabis and how it might affect a certain condition.

Every patient has unique symptoms, different lifestyles to accommodate and may respond to cannabis differently than others. For this reason, our consultations start by getting to know you and your individual goals for treatment.

Step 1: Review Symptoms & Goals

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your medical symptoms, goals for using cannabis and your lifestyle. This information will help us identify product strains and consumption methods (edibles, vape, tinctures, etc.) to fit your needs.

Step 2: Product Overview

Our team of cannabis consultants will educate you on the products available and make recommendations based on what is in stock at your dispensary.

Step 3: Follow-up

As with any new medication, there is a brief trial-and-error period with cannabis. We suggest that you take detailed notes, keeping track of how you feel after taking each product so you can identify which strains best achieve your goals. Together, we’ll review this information and make any modifications necessary.